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Vožd Restaurant pays tribute to the famous Serbian military leader Djordje Petrovic, the leader of the first Serbian uprising erected in Topola, where this restaurant is located. When national cuisine and traditional ambience are found under the same roof, one gets a restaurant in which time flies, and the desire for tasting local flavors does not fade, and so from the year 1995 when our restaurant was founded. Also, within the restaurant there is a beautiful garden in which anyone can relax and indulge in the charms of nature and the environment.

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Thanks to the very diverse and rich menu, our guests always come back to us looking forward to new experiences.

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The many people who dined at our restaurant are coming back, which is proof that the quality of food and service is at a satisfactory level.

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Our dishes are prepared by people with extensive professional experience, and every dish that comes out of our kitchen is spilled with top quality.

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The foods used in the preparation of our meals are organic. They are sourced from local producers, both meat and vegetables.

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magnify all your celebrations!
In our restaurant you can celebrate all your important events.

Here you can try a magnificent barbecue, as well as fresh specialties according to very old and carefully stored recipes that we still cherish and cherish. The description of Vožd restaurant would not be complete without mentioning the top pizza list. The abundance of wines from both foreign and local wineries will add to your bite for a final touch. In addition to the wine, there are many aperitifs that are also of superior quality. We invite all good food lovers to visit our restaurant. Our staff strives to make every single moment of our restaurant special and memorable.

Why you shoud visit us?

The blend of tradition with modern cuisine and gastronomy, as well as the ambience of our restaurant, all the way to the heart of Sumadija and Poplar, where our restaurant is located, is enough reason for you to visit our restaurant. The food that our top chefs prepare is spiced up with great love and professionalism, making every bite delicious. The rest of the staff is always ready to have your stay in the Vožd restaurant awash with a homey, relaxed atmosphere. With this we guarantee you that each guest is special to us and that we, as hosts, will always come back to us with a smile, because by this we get confirmation that our work and efforts are fruitful.

Many reasons could be given why you should come to our restaurant, and the leading reason would be that members of the Karadjordjevic royal family regularly visit us, and that with each of their visits to Poplar and Oplenac they will be our dear guests. This is a great honor for us, but also an obligation to host them with dignity.

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"Just as every nation has its own affiliation, flag, culture and customs, so it can be said that it stands out for its national and traditional cuisine, which reflects the spirit of nationality and past times."
- Aleksandar Z., owner

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