About restaurant vožd

The spacious interior of the restaurant is predominantly traditional, with small touches of a modern style that make the restaurant whole they complement and make it unique. Vožd restaurant cuisine carefully preserves Serbian tradition. We cook according to the old traditional recipes of our ancestors. Professionalism in the work of our staff is at the highest level, which will make your stay with us comfortable and enjoyable, with the hope that you will always come back to us and enjoy, how in all sorts of old and new recipes that constantly enrich our menu.

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Our history

Our history goes back to the past, where the tradition of heroic times is manifested through the interior of our restaurant. We are especially proud and have the great honor of hosting the Karadjordjevic royal family often. Here you can see important dates from our history.

Establishing a restaurant

The story of our restaurant dates back to October 13, 1995, when we came up with the idea to open a restaurant that will display the history of this place and the national cuisine.


The first visit of the royal family

On July 25, 2012, we mark the first visit of the Karadjordjevic royal family to our restaurant, under the title of their ancestor the restaurant bears our name.


Meet our kitchen


Our chefs have great professionalism. They devote themselves equally to each meal, while using organic ingredients in the preparation, because it is very important for the food to be healthy and homemade in addition to the taste.

Restaurant staff

Our waiters, who are great professionals in their business, are in charge of making your meal arrive quickly and comfortably and comfortably, and thus contribute to our highest level of service.


All staff are highly professional in their work, as we aim to provide top quality hospitality services. We strive for our staff to be educated in their jobs and thus increase the quality of food and services.


One of the most important items of our restaurant is the hospitality and warmth of the staff. We try and do our best to make our guests feel comfortable. Our ambience exudes a homey atmosphere for you.

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